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“Seriously Funny” BTS V Supported Jin On Instagram, Knetz React

V’s Instagram story is hilarious

He’s not skilled at decorating Instagram story, but I think he did his best to support his hyung

Knetizens Reactions:

1. V is the emotional type

2. What is this? I can see his efforts

3. Seriously funny

4. Taehyung is really sincere with the members. He’s so kind

5. He did his best

6. V is seriously kind and always cheers when the members come out..

7. V is always friendly, takes good care of the members, and it’s ugly that he’s passionate about stuff like this.

8. V’s view is not a good view

9. Taehyung is so pure and cute♡

10. The reason V loves the members is that the members love V, so they must be both sides, it’s cool BTS


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