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‘Seriously Pathetic’ Knetizens React To BTS Kim Taehyung’s Foreign Roaches

Kim Taehyung’s foreign roaches and akgaes don’t want to admit that V-Jen is real so they are shutting their eyes and ears and are making up all sorts of rumors

If you look at the quote tweets, all of them are saying “Leave V alone, congratulate GD and Jennie, leave Taehyung alone.” They can’t accept the pictures that the hacker revealed and are believing in some sponsored item

The black cat is a key ring from COMFORT SEOUL that the designer Kim Heejun designed. A lot of celebrities were gifted the same keyring. GD and Jennie also received it as gift. The pictures were taken at the COMFORT SEOUL event.

GD’s necklace isn’t the same as Jennie. It’s a Chanel pearl necklace

The necklace is from Ian Charms, and it’s called the “Blackpink necklace.” It’s sold at COMFORT SEOUL. They acknowledged on their official Instagram that he received it from COMFORT SEOUL when he visited. GD and Lee Soohyuk were at COMFORT SEOUL and when he came out, he wasn’t wearing a necklace. It was just some kind of promotion.

Because the pillow was the same, they are claiming that GD took a picture in Jennie’s house but that was fake too
The mirrors aren’t the same, and it’s a mirror that became a trend because of GD. It was sold as the “GD mirror” ever since 2019

(Article talks about how it’s called the “G-Dragon mirror“)

The one on the left is GD’s and the one on the right is Jennie’s

And the pillow isn’t at Jennie’s house but it was taken at the Ice Cream set

The rose plushie isn’t a couple item, they are different. the color and shape are also different

The one that Jennie was holding isn’t even Jennie’s rose. It’s a gift she gave to Rose

GD liked a GD-Jennie video and there are people who are saying that they are still dating as a result

But GD has always liked a bunch of his tagged contents. If you look at the content, some of them are OT4, some are OT5, some are shipping contents with him and IU/Dara too. Foreign fans always post on screenshots of how GD liked their post too

Also, the “J” on GD’s bag is for GD’s real name that starts with a “J”

People were also making assumptions because he posted a story with the word ‘KARMA’ but it’s just because GD was sponsored by the ‘KARMA Foundrae’ collection

Also, these two are both ambassadors for Chanel but they’ve been lumped together for wearing the same bracelet

They say that GD’s nuna was following the account who uploaded the Jeju trip because but that account was originally a fashion news account and people who are interested in fashion were all already following that account. GD’s nuna has her own brand and is a designer. Also, even Bangtan’s stylist was following that account but nobody said anything about it

Also, the most ridiculous thing is that they are saying that GD himself exposed V and Jennie. They are sharing a Haribo picture that GD took back in October 2019 and shared a picture of clouds (T/N: gurum) that GD took in 2021 while captioning “guumy/gurumy day”.

That’s the extent of things they faked and are sharing this on community sites

Someone was tried talking to GurumiHaribo on Whatsapp, and said that they seemed like a GD fan. It’s just ridiculous.

They seem all happy on Twitter while shutting their eyes and ears and fabricating some stuffs

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s my first time seeing people drabbing others by the hair that much for their own dating scandal

2. Big Hit and Bangtan were the ones who made that boyfriend image for V. V was feeding the pseudo relationships to his fans to the point that he wouldn’t be here without his fans. But V seems to be already fed up with this kind of thing. So isn’t this why Big Hit isn’t releasing any official statement? Because the fans will be quitting the fandom. V can date girls just fine and he seems happy with Jennie right now. He also seems to want to make it obvious

3. If you look at those items and outfits, they are so popular with idols nowadays. It’s because they all got sponsored

4. Even on Pann, some V fans are still shutting their eyes and ears and lumping GD with Jennie. I hope you get in your right minds

5. Why do they keep dragging GD in…? Seriously, his fans are also having it hard so please just leave him alone, f*ck.

6. V’s fans aside, Jennie’s fans are no joke eitherㅋㅋㅋㅋ V’s fans are in full denial of their relationships while Jennie’s fans are f*cking happy about itㅇㅇ Because V’s fans are denying reality and putting Jennie and GD together, Jennie’s foreign roaches have been grabbing Lisa by the hair and saying that GD is dating Lisa and that’s because Lisa is actually jealous of Jennie and likes GD


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