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“Seriously, That’s Sad” Knetizens Discuss Itaewon Halloween Incident

Knetizens Reactions:

1. They were shouting ‘sex on the beach’ next to the ambulance when it was coming and dancing…. Just what the hell is this? Is this really Korea?

2. Nobody thought when they were entering that area “Yah, if we go in, we’ll die, let’s go home”? Seriously that’s sad

3. I often go to Itaewon, so I know that area right, that alley is seriously so narrow, even with 10 people gathered there, it’s already impossible to cross… I hope no more lives are lost there…

4. Right now, they’re selling drugs and dancing at Itaewon, it’s no joke. You can’t regulate that area

5. Imagine dying when you’re there to hang out…. I feel for the parents

6. They said 50 people went on cardiac arrest… No but does it make sense that this is the present age

7. Right now, they declared it stage 3 emergency … It’s seriously severe. All paramedics and fire trucks in Seoul were mobilized. The last time they declared stage 3 of emergency was back in Uljin’s forest fire and Goseong Sokcho’s forest fire in 2019… They’re addressing this as if it was a massive forest fire

8. This was the situation, people at the top of the valley were pushing through and the people at the bottom of the valley were all trampled down. There was someone on Twitter who said they were trampled and said that it wasn’t because of drugs or because there was a celebrity passing by or not. It was bad to the point where they were crushed so badly that they couldn’t mode any part of their body

9. Those are courageous people…. Please just save one more person

10. I know whenever situations like that happen, you can easily blame citizens, but it’s also the citizens who will mobilize themselves first to help in these moments. Thank you for mobilizing


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