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“Seulgi’s Voice Is The Best Knetz React To Red Velvet Seulgi’s 1st Mini Album, ’28 Reasons’ MV

See Knetizens Reactions below on 1st mini album of Red Velvet Seulgi Music Video Song, titled, 28 Reasons….

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I love this song

2. The song is good. Seulgi is good too

3. I like the whistle and the choreography, I want to see the stage soon

4. So good, Seulgi’s voice is the best

5. Oh, I like the song, it suits Seulgi

6. I guess I expected too much

7. The song is worse than I thought, but Seulgi is so good

8. Wow the song is so good

9. The song is so good. Seulgi’s voice is so good

10. She’s good at acting, Seulgi sings well too


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