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“Sexual Harassment” A Fan Jumped On The Stage As CL Performs At Chung-Ang University Festival, Knetz React

Knetizens got angry when they saw a fan jumping on the stage during CL’s performance at Chung-Ang University Festival.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. There is a case where a rookie American singer was shot and killed by a stalker fan at a fan meeting or a mini-concert. You have to keep a distance from the fans and artists

2. It’s dangerous. Not long ago, on Huh Gak’s stage, a certain guy walked up to him and took the mic. Until then, no action has been taken

3. What are you doing guard? What if you came up with a knife?

4. What is the security team doing?

5. Protect CL…. Who is that crazy bastard?

6. Sexual harassment, you bastards, sexual harassment

7. CL’s response is great

8. It’s a good thing nothing happened, but take care of yourself properly.

9. CL: It’s embarrassing and it’s a scary enough situation, but I’m glad it’s okay

10. CL has a good personality


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