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“She Drives A Bentley And Range Rover,” K-Said. Even Though Actress Kim Sae Ron Works Part-Time At A Cafe Owing To Financial Difficulties, Netizens Shun Her.

After her DUI, actress Kim Sae Ron is working part-time at a cafe.

On November 4, Kim Sae Ron’s label confirmed the claims that she worked at a cafe part-time. “It’s true Kim Sae Ron acquired a part-time work because her livelihood is in a difficult position,” said Gold Medalist management.

Kim Sae Ron reportedly spent all her savings on DUI damage compensation.

Kim Sae Won’s DUI destroyed a transformer, knocking out power to four buildings, traffic lights, and lighting. Businesses and malls nearby were shut down. Kim Sae Ron apologized and compensated 30 shopkeepers.

Despite her apologies, K-netizens have shunned the actress, even though she is struggling financially and working part-time at a cafe.

“I don’t want to know about her,” netizens said. “How carelessly was she spending that she wasted all her funds and is playing the pity card on the media?” “Expenses? nonsense,” “She’s driven Bentleys and Range Rovers though,” “How does she have money problems?” “Why is the press trying to buy her pity?” “She probably spent all her money on costly food and clothes.”

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