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“She Has All”, TWICE Momo Has A Unique Body, Knetz React

Knetizens are reacting to TWICE Momo pretty body figure, they said she has the prettiest body among the female idols….

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Personally, I think she has the best body among female idols

2. Personally, I think Twice is physically strong with different charms hahaha To be honest, except for Tzuyu and Jeongyeon, there are no members that are that tall in height (although they are not small), their proportions make them look taller

3. I’m so so envious of her glamorous body.. For real she’s my wannabe

4. Her body line is crazy

5. Momo has everything…
6. For real, she’s my wannabe… But I have nothing to become like her
7. Her choreography video is seriously daebak…
8. Seriously she looks so fit, I’m jealous
9. I was shocked when I saw this
10. I also think that Momo’s body is too pretty but you should’ve just cropped Momo out… Why would you call her unrivaled and post a picture with all the other memebrs there


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