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“She Has It All”,Knetz React To NMIXX Sullyoon’s Photos

Knetizens are talking and praising NMIXX sullyoon beautiful face and body…


These are not fansite pictures but journalist pictures. Can journalist pictures look like this? Seriously to~o pretty

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Great waist line

2. She has a beautiful pelvic

3. A cute face and a bad body

4. No, face, height, body.. She has it all ㅠㅠ Even singing and dancing

5. The pelvis is great. That’s a fat pelvis, not a hip joint.

6. It’s not good, so stop being viral

7. It’s crazy

8. It’s a doll.. She will be happy every time she look in the mirror.

9. It’s not good, so stop being viral

10. It’s like she is only messing around here lol.


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