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“She Is Just A Superstar” BLACKPINK Jennie Received Numerous Bouquets From Brands, Knetz Jealous

Blackpink Jennie garnered attention for numerous bouquets she received from various brands


Look at the lineup of Jennie’s bouquets

Gentle Monster

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Didn’t those brands give away to other members? Did they just give it to Jennie?

2. Why Porsche? Has Jennie filmed an ad for Porsche yet??? Porsche… isn’t it a car brand?

3. Honestly, I think Jennie herself sometimes can’t believe her successful career

4. Did she really save the country in her previous life?

5. Hera’s bouquet is the prettiest

6. They only signed with Jennie, why should they gift the other members? BLACKPINK is a group, not a body

7. She’s just a superstar

8. All those brands are perfect for Jennie.. Daebak

9. Crazy

10. I’m so jealous of her


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