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“She Is Just Pretty” Aespa Winter Looks Like A Gangnam Beauty, Knetz Discuss

Knetizens are discussing about Aespa Winter’s beauty, they said she look like river bed…..

Knetizens Reactions:

1. She’s just pretty

2. Paris Winter

3. The one on the right looks more like a Gangnam beauty

4. She’s so pretty

5. Can you find a Gangnam beauty that looks like this?

6. Gangnam beauty debuted as a female idol at a big company? Gangnam beauty’s face can’t keep up with Winter’s toes no matter how much plastic surgery they get…

7. Winter looks like Park Jihoon

8. That Gangnam beauty.. I don’t know what it is. It’s just pretty.

9. Winter nose was slightly raised. You should also see a doctor. Natural is the best However, it was more unfortunate that Winter seemed to lack social skills and caring rather tha nose. Surprisingly, Karina is sharp and pretty, but in reverse, her personality is round and round.

10. You just look like a river bed


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