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“She Is Shivering” Seems BTS V Has Dumped Jennie, Knetz React

Looks like Jennie has been kicked out by BTS V because of the Jennie’s moody action among her friends, seems she is crying and Knetizens are reacting to it

Knetizens Reactions:

1. When Jennie gets it, it’s full, it doesn’t seem to make a difference

2. In the past, even when she was kicked by Kai, there was a time when she cried all night and came out with puffy eyes.

3. The interest is proportional to the popularity, but leave the kid alone.

4. But V is fool. isn’t he stupid?? Jenny is a lady who is better than V. She will meet as many men as she likes, but V will never meet a woman who is better than Jennie..

5. Looking at V’s appearance, they are dating very well… I think some fans don’t want to admit it, so these two get along really well

6. I really hope these two get married

7. What are you crying about?

8. Surprisingly, it is possible that she is simply fighting with her mother and crying.

9. She shivering like a bitch.

10. Even if Jennie and V smile in front of the camera, they will curse them even if they laugh, and if they cry, they will curse them.


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