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“She Looks Prettier” NMIXX Lily Dyed Her Hair Pink, Knetz React

Knetizens praises NMIXX Lily new look as she dyed her hair to pink….

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Much prettier than blonde

2. It’s absolutely amazing today. The stage outfit was also pink, so the real thing came out.

3. No, I thought Lily was pretty when she was a K-Pop Star, but seriously, it’s a coordination problem. If you remove your bangs and do a pinkmer, you’ll be a legend

4. It suits you really well.. I want to see the one without the bangs too

5. Wow Lily is the prettiest thing I’ve seen since debut.

6. Pink suits you very well

7. I’m watching the video, she’s so pretty

8. Be sure to watch Lily ‘Leemujin Service’.. She’s certified as the top 4th generation vocalist

9. She has fair skin and small face, so pink hair seems to suit her

10. She looks so much prettier


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