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Shocking Truth Behind BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Contract With Cartier, Knetz Shocked

Knetizens react to shocking truth behind Blackpink Jisoo’s Contract With Cartier


The reason why Richemont stole Jisoo from LVMH as their fine jewelry model was because Cartier’s Richemont paid twice the amount that Dior’s LVMH paid Jisoo for her contract

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Was the index contracted for the Asian market?

2. Jisoo looks really pretty

3. How much is the contract amount of 5 billion?

4. I think Blackpink guys are great. Their main job is good and they are good, but they are also legends in the fashion world.

5. Blackpink’s personal influence is like this…

6. When the hell did Koreans start to look like this… hehe

7. Well, she’s the ambassador of two luxury brands, and those two luxury brands are Dior and Cartier.. Seriously crazy

8. Looks like Jisoo and Rosé both have higher positions in the fashion world than I imagined.. Isn’t Rosé treated so well by Saint Laurent??? Designers love them, in this fashion show too

9. But Jisoo has natural beauty and has classy look, so luxury brands suit her so well

10. Jisoo’s position in the fashion world seems bigger than I imagined


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