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SM Changed After Aespa, Knetizens Discuss

For female idols, I believe they have never created a concept for their girl groups like Aespa did, and NCT’s concept has also drawn criticism. They seem to have completely lost their grasp on the female idol line. Maybe they’re merely attempting to interpret the shifting tendencies of the generations. But after NewJeans became successful, I’m not sure anymore; I think they might have succeeded just as well with a notion that was younger and more innocent. However, NCT? They had a lot of overlap with SM while they were trainees, which allowed them to have both male and female idols come on television simultaneously. They could travel between sunbaes and hoobaes while maintaining a compelling SM family narrative. But I get the impression that neither Red Velvet nor anyone else really cares about Aespa. Nobody seems to be close to them because of how strange it is. Since it’s so strange, I wouldn’t even be astonished if we discovered Aespa disparaging RV. Of course, I could be assuming too much, but it’s conceivable that because the I**ene power trip scandal broke during Aespa’s launch, they might also despise RV.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Min Hee-jin left and returned to the original SM concept. The original concept of the end of the century is SM sensibility.

2. It seems that Lee Soo-man is doing everything he wanted to do… It seems like SM-style male idols are applied to female idols. It feels like TVXQ and NCT Jjampong

3. To be honest, Min Hee-jin is unique in terms of concept and atmosphere, but the strange feeling of jjamppong fits the SM sensibility with this end-of-century sensibility. But what is certain is that SM has changed a bit since SPA. Fellowships are also cut off, and the lineage of girls and girls in Soshi-Epec-Level Elines is also cut off.

4. It’s so sad that SM’s girl and girl genealogy has been cut off…Girls’ Generation f(x) Red Velvet are all based on girl and girl, but they did a lot of dark concepts and they were all successful. I think it’s okay. Espa is good too, but I can’t forget SM’s unique girly beauty..

5. Originally I liked smp, dark fantasy sf, didn’t you know? Min-hee Jin pressed it down a bit, so she went out and she was back to normal. Jam Min-ah

6. Why are you writing such a sentence so much that you can believe that even if Espa was caught by Rebel because she was so picky about behind the scenes

7. There’s a lot of real interest.. Of course, there’s no relationship between the male director’s level and Espa’s birth years, so there’s no need to mention it. huh? Why are you putting on a frame like this while using your brain?

8. Girls’ Generation, f(x), SHINee, EXO, Red Velvet, Min Hee-jin’s emotions.

9. If the early eight boys had debuted, they would have been close with Level, but Espa all started late, so there aren’t any members who overlap each other…

10. When did NCT engage in social criticism and satire?


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