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SM Tried To Cast Minji Before Her New Jeans Debut? Knetz Discuss

Knetizens are reacting on SM’s attempt in casting singer Minji before debuting to NewJeans

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I’m very glad Minji chose Hybe because, if she had chosen SM, I doubt she would have managed to avoid their universe notion.

2. There hasn’t been a CEO in a while that does that kind of stuff, so I think it was helpful in her decision because Min Hee Jin treats them more like family than as trainees, inviting them over to her house to cook for them and hanging out with them.

3. The current trend is obviously toward hybe. With Hybe, you have a much better chance than with any other entertainment firm to make your debut, especially given that Hybe plans to introduce four girl groups.

4. When New Jeans originally released, just as I was growing weary of the forced “warrior” concept that all the girl groups were using, I was so taken aback. Natural visuals, obvious freshness, and no forced attempt to look tough… I am curious to see how much daebak they will strike.

5. But I must say, she has such an SM-style visual appeal. I see why Lee Soo Man intervened to attempt to cast her.

6. I feel a little nauseous just thinking about Minji having to go through that, and the Gwangya notion.

7. There is no reason to use any other agency at this time because Hybe is doing well. Particularly when you are protected by Min Hee Jin’s vision.

8. She resembles Lee Min Jung, Park Soo Jin, and Jun Ji Hyun in that she appears innocent. She’s just so lovely.

9. SM is so engrossed in the Gwangya concept that they don’t care about the unique features of each of their members, preferring to compel them to embrace the universe concept instead!

10. Minji truly embodies SM’s aesthetic, but I’m just glad she isn’t standing about yelling “Gwangya!” at the moment. Even though I love SM, New Jeans has made it simple for me to say goodbye.


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