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SNSD’s MV Director Apologizes For Plagiarizing Disney Anniversary Logo

Knetizens are discussing about SNSD’s MV director apology to Disney for coping their anniversary logo.

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Knetizens Reactions:

1. I feel sorry for Girls’ Generation.. Another MV on the 15th anniversary is giving a proper shit

2. Soshi is pitiful, why is SM pitiful lol

3. Looking at the reactions, it seems that there wasn’t one or two SMs like this, how did you deal with it before? Usually, if there is a problem, it would be a normal system to find a supplementary solution and make a manual so that it does not happen next time. Like some comments, it’s 100% the fault of an outsourced company, so there’s no SM fault.

4. When the controversy over plagiarism related to outsourced music video production is raised, the responsibility lies entirely with the music video production company, not with SM. Even so, in the music video production contract, the party who violated the contract is the music video producer, so in these relationships, SM is legally in the victim’s position. SM does not participate in the entire process until an outsourced music video production company delivers the music video work to its customer, SM, and there is no way to know from the outside how the confirmation process takes place. Seeing the victim apologize to the contracting party, SM, this is not to blame for SM. If the music video production company is an affiliate of SM or is in a situation where SM bears legal responsibilities, it would be right to present its position first. In this case, I think that it is appropriate if SM makes a position that it will prevent recurrence or supplement the inspection process in the future. It’s the fan’s point of view, as it’s a situation that somehow damaged Soshi’s 15th anniversary comeback, let’s get SM to do things right!! I think I can get angry I just want to know the exact facts.

5. You don’t seem to understand the meaning of reference😯…. It’s not a reference, it’s plagiarism

6. It’s scary because it’s Disney. good job

7. He’s a very famous director in that industry, but he’s loose. But how do you deal with that? Isn’t it cheap to contact Disney first before being sued and apologize and compensate?

8. Eh, SM isn’t a victim, then? Why are you all cursing SM?

9. Oh, it’s really the 15th anniversary….it’s a precious time created by adjusting the schedule for several years…Really 🍆🍆☀️

10. I apologize once and it’s weird. No matter how much I find a reference, if I use it as it is, what kind of reference is it? It’s theft.


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