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“So Sad” Hip Hop Group MIGOS’ Member Passed Away, Knetz Shocked And Mourns

He died by gunshot

Knetizens Reactions:

1. What?

2. I only know that when Migos broke off, Quavo and Offset weren’t in good terms… RIP Takehoff

3. Wow I just searched on Twitter and pictures of them evacuating the space, what in the world

4. Please don’t search it up on Twitter… It’s cruel

5. Hul wasn’t he quite famous?

6. Meanwhile, he was the least controversial member….

7. US is just too crazy

8. This is what the dice game is all about

9. You have to play with money

10. Hul Migos was a group… I thought it was a solo rapper…
11. They were playing a game and someone got mad and shot him, are we still living in the old west…..