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Someone Captured Karina And Ningning At Everland Knetz React

Someone saw Karina and Ningning in Everland

Huh? Just now… I saw Karina and Ningning.. They were waiting for the Dream Hurricane..

Ningning didn’t have her mask on and was freaking pretty.. Karina’s face was freaking small…

Knetizens Reactions:

1. The combination between the two of them is so good. I love how warm Karina is towards Ningning

2. It’s cute when the leader and maknae hang out together

3. The two of them are roommates and they hang out a lot these days

4. Karina and Ningning always take care of each other. It’s a very warm combination

5. It was Ningning’s birthday, so they went out together

6. Wow, the members are so comfortable among the people there. There doesn’t seem to be much pressure from the agency

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