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Song Kang Likes NewJeans Minji’s Post, Knetz Confuse

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Are you guys serious about asking if they’re dating in the comments? Song Kang is 30 years old and Minji is 20 years old

2. If you liked the post, you are dating?? Brain thinking is weird

3. Song Kang was born in 1997 and Minji was born in 2004.. On the contrary, if an actress liked a male idol’s post who is 7 years younger than her, she would get a lot of hate..

4. Minji is fucking pretty

5. Me too, I liked Minji’s post while scrolling because she’s so pretty, seems like me and Song Kang match well

6. Song Kang must be a fan of NewJeans.. Nowadays, everyone likes NewJeans

7. The standards are so different…

8. He can like whatever he wants, what’s the issue?

9. Who cares if he liked it on purpose or not. There was even a post about Song Kang dancing to Hype Boy

10. I know you what your purpose is but he liked it for real. It was probably a mistake though


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