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“Standard of revolution” Kim Yoo-jung “Old works? I can’t watch them!”

Among former child actors, Kim Yoo-jung is one of the prominent individuals regarded as the “standard of revolution.”
Kim Yoo-jung, who was born in 1999, made her CF debut at the age of 5 in 2003, and she has continued to work steadily ever since. She is now 24 years old.

2015 saw the release of the Park Eun-gyoung and Lee Dong-ha directed film “Circle of Atonement,” which starred Kim Yoo-jung at the age of 17.

Kim Yoo-jung portrayed Jang-hyun, the murderer’s daughter, in “Circle of Atonement.” Jang-hyun was a young woman who experienced adulthood early and was still struggling with the effects of a traumatic event that occurred in her life ten years ago.

She had to process the subtle internal acting that alternated between opposing feelings toward her biological father, her stepfather Sang-won (Sung Dong-il), her homeroom instructor Chul-woong (Son Ho-jun), and her homeroom teacher Chul-woong, who had appeared out of nowhere one day.

Kim Yoo-jung expertly directed the mysterious plot that revolved around her as she carefully represented a mature girl holding weighty secrets.

We first met Kim Yoo-jung in 2015, just prior to the release of “Circle of Atonement,” and she spoke to us about her hectic daily schedule as a high school freshman juggling acting and academics.

She stated, “I couldn’t take the examinations,” in reference to the circumstances at school during the time of the exams. She opened up about the challenges she had in her acting career, saying, “I gradually reduce my weight to appear more attractive on TV. I eat a lot, but if I notice that I’ve put on weight, I’ll cut back.

In instance, a younger version of Kim Yoo-jung, who was a teenage child actress at the time, was shown in “Circle of Atonement”.

She was far too similar to me, Kim Yoo-jung grinned. She did, however, have her own aura, which I think curiously fit the movie.

I didn’t even consider whether my character in the work would have a younger counterpart, she said. I was more affected because many people commented on how much the young actress resembled me. It’s simply wonderful that there’s a young actor who looks precisely like me since I’m still doing child roles. She was a natural actress. She’s incredibly lovely and she performs well, I kept thinking as I watched the movie.

She shyly smiled and replied, “No, I can’t watch those,” when I mentioned Kim Yoo-earlier jung’s works, such as “Moon Embracing the Sun” (2011) in which she played Han Ga-younger in’s counterpart.

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