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Stray Kids Felix Receives Grave Death Threats, And The Fandom Despairs

Felix, a member of the famous K-Pop group Stray Kids, has received numerous threats against his life in recent days, which have intensified since the announcement of his signing event in China.

A user of the Asian social network Weibo made these ominous threats against the K-Pop idol by posting a number of malicious messages and announcing the purchase of a powerful laser projector with which he intended to damage the K-Pop artist’s eyes.
It is essential to note that if these laser pointers are pointed directly into a person’s eyes, they can cause permanent vision loss.
In addition, many admirers of the boy band noticed that this anonymous user has also spread false information about another member of Stray Kids, Hyunjin, which has caused concern among STAYs worldwide.
Although these threats against famous artists are no longer surprising, the fandom’s concern is so great that they have been pleading with the group’s management agency, JYP Entertainment, to take precautions and safeguard Felix and the other members.

Throughout his career, the idol has demonstrated great talent and effort, making him one of the most renowned and physically fit K-Pop artists, so fans are concerned that he may be injured in his next performance.

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