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Stray Kids First Week Album Sales Surpasses BTS, Knetz Outraged

Knetizens are outraged that Stray Kids’ first week album sales have surpassed BTS now
Stray Kids’ new album reached 2.17 million copies today, surpassing BTS ‘Persona’ and ranking 4th in history

Knetizens say that no one can beat BTS, but Stray Kids did it

This is the first week album sales of all time

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I don’t even know any Stray Kids songs

2. ARMYs don’t care if Stray Kids sold more than BTS’ Persona album in 2019, so why are you guys talking about it?

3. BTS ‘Persona’ was released in 2019, wasn’t their album sales the highest at that time? How can you compare them to the album inflation of idols now? If BTS released a mini or full album now, they would hit 5-6 million in the first week. Even this compilation album has reached 100 billion won

4. Seriously, I have a lot to say, but I’ll be patient

5. Why are you bashing BTS when you say that Stray Kids beat BTS’ previous record 3 years ago? Last time, they said that Hyunjin surpassed V and Jungkook but it was their sales in 2019. What’s the battle with BTS’ past? Let’s live in reality

6. Wow, looks like they are popular abroad.

7. Congratulations


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