‘ Sue Is Cheering, Fighting’ Min Hee-jin To Be Sued Knetz Discuss

Whatever the situation, civil and criminal legal actions have been started, in line with the company’s assertion and various viewpoints that the extent of the spread of false information and blasphemy is serious and should not be disregarded. I excused the malevolent posters because I assumed they were also admirers, but the legal review uncovered a considerable number of infractions. A special organization for Adore was created in order to address current issues and safeguard members’ rights and interests.

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. I always cheer for Sue. It’s so funny to hear people joking around with comments in the meantime.

2. Even in the comments here, you can see the kids who will be sued.

3. If you feel that it is not enough even after explaining, you can continue criticizing without worrying about accusations.

4. It seems like there are many kids who crossed the line at this time because
they are hungry. The answer is to complain about malicious comments.

5. It must have been fun again.. Can’t you learn because you’re being sued every time?

6. Whatever happened, accusations of crossing the line are always welcome.

7. No, if you want to open something, break it up and do it separately. What should you do with your argument here ㅋㅋ As you always do, you’ve written 5 trillion and 5 billion times ㅠㅠ You’re unfair and angry and want to enlighten you, but why do you have to bear it?

8. I do not know who Min Hee-jin is, but complaints against malicious commenters are always welcome and supported

9. We always support the party to complain about malicious commenters.

10. It’s useless, what the heck is the courage to think that you won’t sue the general public who is just the CEO of the company hahahaha


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