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“Sullyoon Is A Deer And Haerin Is A Cat” NEWJEANS Haerin Vs NMIXX Sullyoon, Knetizens Debate

Knetizens are comparing NewJeans Haerin and Nmixx Sullyoon’s beautiful. Which one is the prettiest?


NMIXX Sullyoon

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Both are pretty, but I like Haerin more.

2. I Like Sullyoon better

3. I really like them both but Sullyoon is like a deer and Haerin is like a cat

4. Sullyoon has a sharp tooth, especially when she smiles or speaks, I like Haerin

5. I like both because they are both attractive

6. After all, if they become popular with men and become mainstream, both of them will be scorned on the board now.

7. They both look so amazing♡♡♡ I was shocked when I first saw them in the music room

8. If I think of it as pretty, it’s Sullyoon, but if I think about the overall balance of the face, uniqueness and charm, it’s Haerin

9. In general, Sullyoon has a very bad subordinate.

10. Haerin is my preference because it is a trendy and non-traditional cat image.. Sullyoon is a woman who will stand up alone with her face no matter what group she is in. Sullyoon has a comparative advantage.


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