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“Sweet Potatoes” BTS Jungkook Wins Audacy Artist Of The Summer, Shares On Instagram, Knetz React

BTS Jungkook shares on Instagram as he wins Audacy Artist Of the summer and Knetizens are congratulating him for the success

Knetizens Reactions:

1. The way he talks is so cute hahaha Congratulations Jungkook!!!

2. Sweet potatoes…♡ I love you Jungkook

3. It’s insanely cute.

4. He looks like a jerk, but the way he speaks is so surprising

5. It’s like sweet potatoes. It’s so cute that my forehead is pounding

6. Congratulations, not only summer, but my artist in all seasons💜

7. Why are you so cute?

8. The way you talk is cute

9. Sweet potatoes

10. No, I’m learning such cute words.


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