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Teaser For BLACKPINK’s ‘PINK VENOM ‘ MV, 2022.08.19 (KST), Knetz React

Knetz are discussing Blackpink ‘Pink Venom ‘ music video coming up on the 19th of August 2022

BLACKPINK’s pre-release song ‘Pink Venom’ will be released on August 19th (Fri) 1pm

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Kya, this is BLACKPINK music and I love it when you hit the beat and have fun .. It’s rich, it’s rich These days, it’s so rich and rich, it doesn’t overlap with the ten songs these days, it’s so rich, it’s like a john jam.. Sincerely… it’s all there hahahaha First Love Pop Pop It’s good because it feels like an old-time pop song ㅋㅋ These days, it’s good that there are really old-style pop songs coming out.. But strangely sophisticated Becoming haha

2. Wow.. Blackpink is definitely blackpink. It’s crazy.

3. My heart is beating from the beginning

4. I need to sleep but I keep watching

5. Oh honestly, all the teaser photos I’ve seen so far are BLACKPINK, so I wasn’t very impressed, but this is…. The taste of knowing is the best

6. My wish.. Please, BLACKPINK make 2 comebacks every year, even a MV..

7. Hey, I tore it up, the soundtrack is perfect, I listen to it as soon as it comes out

8. Wow that’s creepy, it’s also blackpink

9. I’m not the only one who keeps seeing it again… It’s crazy.

10. What! I love you!


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