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‘Terribly Expensive’ Knetz Condemn Blackpink Concert Ticket Price

Knetizens are criticizing Blackpink for making their concert tickets so expensive 260 000 won for most expensive seat, too expensive.

Steamed Pink KRW 264,000
Duljin Hanpink 176,000 won
Light pink 154,000 won


Sound check + special goods price is also included. If you want to get a front seat instead, you must purchase sound check goods. The venue is the former gymnastics stadium, the current Keispo Dome.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Isn’t this the first time BLACKPINK has held a concert in Korea without a sponsor concert?

2. Wow expensive

3. The difference in seats is good, but the back seat would be around 100,000 won. Some people watch expensive things, and some people watch concerts cheaply.

4. Are you comparing the gymnastics stadium to the Tokyo Dome?

5. Are you crazy?

6. It’s really expensive, I can’t go to the concert because I don’t have money anymore

7. Wow… that’s terribly expensive

8. It’s not a stadium comparison. The ticket price is relatively similar in Japan, which is similar to Korea. It’s said that they charge an additional price for a sound check event

9. Wow, I think it’s expensive, but considering the configuration, I think it’s worth it.

10. Expensive… Now concerts of other singers, including my idol, will also be expensive.


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