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“That Group Is A Bitch” Knetz React To SEVENTEEN Going To A Club

Is it true that Seventeen went to a club?. Knetizens are saying even it is okay for them since they are adults, they should not go this time….

Are you really going to the club? I heard that you went from the US, but it was quieter than I thought, so I’m not sure if it ‘s true or

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I would have been upset if It was a female idol, but it’s still easier to live as a man

2. You and your oppa all go to the club hahaha

3. No, in the first place, is it a matter of whether the fans allow the club or not? He’ll go if he goes hahaha Do the fans have to camp in front of the club? Well, there’s all sorts of logic like that.

4. They free in the club, that group is a bitch

5. Their sickness is the greatest of all male idols, but they are buried quietly

6. What’s the problem? They’re all adults, but do clubs have to get the fans’ permission?

7. Wow, since when did the idol version become generous to the club? Also on an overseas tour? Are you at work? It’s not a pub or a restaurant, and if the members get a corona virus and the tour schedule is a little bit disrupted, maybe it’s time to be more nervous.

8. Going to the club at this time is a problem.

9. Adults can go to the club.

10. If you look at it, Seventeen is a dog honey, so it’s top-tier, but it’s not like the first group with a full impact like the bastard, so they make a lot of money and gain popularity, but don’t be insulted.


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