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The “2022 AAA AFTER STAGE” gala show will be co-hosted by former IZ*ONE members Yabuki Nako and Minhyun.

Former NU’EST member Minhyun and former IZ*ONE member Yabuki Nako will be co-hosting the gala show ‘2022 AAA AFTER STAGE’.

The ‘2022 Asia Artist Awards IN JAPAN’ awards ceremony will be held this December, and its gala show ‘2022 AAA AFTER STAGE’ will be opened for the first time in consideration of the global fans who have continued to send their enthusiastic support and interest. Various K-pop artists will be attending the fancy gala show to celebrate the last night of the ‘2022 AAA’ awards ceremony. For the ‘2022 AAA AFTER STAGE’ gala show, singer/actor Minhyun and singer/actress Yabuki Nako were selected as the co-hosts, raising anticipation for their great chemistry.

Meanwhile, the ‘2022 Asia Artist Awards IN JAPAN’ will take place on December 13 KST, and the gala show ‘2022 AAA AFTER STAGE’ will be held the very next day on December 14 KST.

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