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The 4th Generation Girl Group’s Gender Distribution

Female idol groups have been steadily expanding in popularity and record sales as the K-pop business has grown over the past several years.

It used to be the case that the only groups with significant album sales were male idol groups. With the rise in their international prominence, many girl groups have recently regularly surpassed the 1 million album sales mark.

Additionally, historically, guys have made up the bulk of fans of girl groups. The proportion of male to female followers of girl groups is shifting today, though. There are now numerous girl groups with a greater proportion of female than male admirers.

The album sales for the fourth generation of female groups, by gender:

Information provided by the Kyobo Securities Research Center and Aladin
NewJeans has the most female followers who purchase records (22% male, 78% female), whereas LE SSERAFIM has the most male (52% male, 49% female), according to a chart supplied by online retailer Aladin and Kyobo Securities Research Center. Girl groups are becoming more well-known among the general public since many of them have a healthy mix of male and female followers.

The statistics impressed K-net users, who shared their opinions on an online forum. I thought IVE would have all male fans, but they have a lot of female fans too,” “Oh wow, I thought kep1er would have a lot of male fans, but I guess they have more female fans,” “A lot of guys like NMIXX I see,” and “Wow, I thought LE SSERAFIM would have a lot of female fans, but it’s half-half, with more male fans,” ITZY is an unexpected one; I thought they would have more female fans but they have a lot of male fans. I really thought they would have a lot more female fans.

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