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The Asian Content Awards present two prizes to “Woo Young-woo” and “Squid Game.”

The Netflix original “Squid Game” and the ENA drama “Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo” each won two awards at the 4th Asia Contents Awards.
The winner of the Best Content category at the Busan International Film Festival was declared on the 8th: “Extraorinary Attoney Woo.” Park Eun-bin, who plays the main role in “Extraordinary Attoney Woo,” took home two gold awards and the Best Actress Award.

The actor Park Hae-soo of Netflix’s “Squid Game” also received two honors, taking home the technical and male supporting actor prizes.

Ryohei Suzuki of the Japanese drama “Running Emergency Room,” which broadcast on TBS and Disney+, earned the best actor award, and Wang Shiyao Shui and Yang Yi-soo of “Octagonal Jeong Mi-moo” shared the best writer honor.

Sora Ma won the Best Supporting Actress Award for “This Land is Mine,” Baoxiang won the Best New Actress Award for “Flower and Birds Overnight,” and Ryusei Yokohama won the Best New Actor Award for “The Newspaper Reporter.”

The Asia Content Awards were held simultaneously online and offline on the same day, honoring the best TV shows, OTT, and internet content in Asia.

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