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“The Attitude Is Right”, Knetz React To BTS RM Response To A Question Asked By A Fan

RM responds to a fan who asks ‘What can you say that BTS is the best at compared to other boy groups?’

“What can you say that BTS are the best at compared to other boy groups, and that you’re proud of?”

RM: Attitude

Knetizens Reactions:

1. For real, all 7 members are so genuine. I can’t feel arrogance from them and their personalities aren’t fake

2. Seriously, how could you not like them?

3. It’s great he can say that so confidently like that. I want to become like that too

4. Seriously cool

5. The evidence his answer is that a 10-year long group has not even one member who went off track

6. The attitude he showed at Busan Con was really the best.

7. Aren’t there a lot of V’s attitude problems are you talking about yourself?

8. I don’t really like BTS, but seeing male idols popping up these days, I think that statement is true.

9. Except for V

10. The attitude is right


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