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‘The Camera Is Crazy’ Knetizens React To BLACKPINK “Pink Venom” Stage Video

Knetz are reacting to Blackpink Pink Venom’s stage video, saying their choreography is good but the camera is bad

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Lisa, that dress is so weird

2. BLACKPINK is awesome, but the camera is so crazy..

3. What the hell is the camera doing… The choreography is great, but I can’t save anything.

4. BLACKPINK is the coolest in the world, but the camera work is dizzy ㅜㅜ You should look forward to the music show

5. Jisoo’s part is always quiet…. It’s a bit salty hehe The other members are so exceptionally good that Jisoo is just average level, but that gap seems to be emphasized more

6. BLACKPINK is always good, but the camera is being developed..

7. I’m not a fan, I’m a likable idol who looks for all BLACKPINK live, but Jisoo is really good at live ㅇㅇ And watching this video, I’m really good at all BLACKPINK live, but the stage is very good.

8. What’s wrong with the camera

9. The serious thing is the camera. The camera is crazy.

10. Did you ride the camera viking hahaha I got really dizzy when I went around the camera.


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