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The choice To Join BTS… Will The Price Of HYBE Shares Rise Again?

The eldest member Jin will be the first BTS member to join, thus it will be interesting to see if the stock price of HYBE, which has been falling for days, will rise.
“Jin will cancel the request to delay enlistment in late October and follow the recruitment procedure of Military Manpower Administration,” HYBE stated on October 17th.

Jin, who turns 30 this year, was born in 1992. His enrollment has been delayed until the end of this year by the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism’s recommendation, as per the updated Military Service Act in 2020. A dispute about whether BTS earned exemptions from mandatory service for years has been resolved with the announcement that further members likewise intend to complete their military service consecutively in accordance with their own personal plans.

The value of HYBE’s stock changed following this choice. Contrary to predictions, the stock price did, however, exhibit an upward tendency. The closing price of HYBE’s shares on October 18th was 120,500 won, an increase of 4.78% (5,500 won) over the previous trading day (115,000 won). It increased by 7.8% throughout the day, reaching a high of 124,000 won. On October 19, it also increased to 125,000 won. Although it did close with a tiny dip, it is still doing well in comparison to the past’s lethargic trend.

Jin’s choice to enlist came at a time when HYBE’s stock price was at its lowest point. There was no sign of the apparent rise to an all-time high of 421,500 won in November of last year, and it fell more than 70% from its peak. The day of October 13th saw a low price after listing of 107,000 won. Due to the suspension of BTS’s group activities and ongoing enlistment issues, there was a downturn.

However, after a protracted period of time, the BTS enrollment issue—which was the primary cause of stock price volatility—laughed. The stock market perceived that while decreasing the target stock price for HYBE in light of BTS’ vacancy was a positive development, removing worries by settling the long-simmering military problem.

HYBE also devised potential countermeasures to allay investors’ worries following the disclosure of BTS’ military service plan. They provided a growth plan to successfully reduce the sales harm brought on by BTS’s “militatus (military service + hiatus),” which has so far accounted for 60% of sales. Individual activities of some members are planned for the near future up till the first half of next year. Mid- to long-term, the business plans to fill the void left by BTS by consistently releasing music and content using a multi-label strategy.

On October 28th, Jin, who is ready to enlist in the military, will release “The Astronaut,” his debut solo song. Jin wrote the song with love for BTS’ ARMY audience, therefore it is anticipated that it will be like a present to fans.

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