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“The Choreography Is All Blown Up” Knetz Complained About BLACKPINK’s US Concert Performance

BLACKPINK’s concert in the US causing a big stir today

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s their first concert in 3 years, so I can’t believe that’s what they’ve prepared.. If they dance like that, just do it in Korea… Looks like they don’t feel embarrassed when they’re overseas

2. When Jennie got the choreography direction wrong, I was just like ‘what?’.. It’s not just Jennie who’s like that. They danced differently. I think they have different choreographers

3. But it’s concert, fans have to spend a lot of money on it, I don’t think they have any respect for their fans

4. Jennie has a lot of personality controversies here and there, looks like something really big is going to happen…

5. If you compare them to the dancers in front, you can see how insincere they are and how half-heartedly they treat their stage performance. Except for Lisa, the rest like Jisoo and Rosé really let me down

6. They only have 4 members, but it’s weird that they always dance differently

7. Jennie, why did you dance like that?

8. It’s strange that there are 4 people and it fits like that

9. The choreography is all blown up

10. Lisa is a good dancer.. Looking at the videos that are uploaded, Jisoo seems to be working hard.. What about the other two?


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