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The Coffee Cart Rocky From ASTRO Brought To The Actress Park Bo Yeon’s Set Caused Her To “Cry.”

Internet users have discovered “proof” that ASTRO’s Rocky recently sent a coffee cart to Park Bo Yeon’s drama filming location as a sign of his admiration for the actress.

In fact, it is said that Park Bo Yeon cried because she was so moved by Rocky’s surprise present. Some of the actress’s co-stars told her not to cry as they were recording the actress’s response.

“Even though I’m uploading this tape because it’s humorous, once again, I want to thank you for giving such an amazing present to someone so small like me. I’ll do better. Love you,” Park Bo Yeon wrote after sharing her adorable response to the unexpected coffee cart gift through Instagram story.

“Bo Yeon, I love you,” was scribbled on the cup sleeves from the coffee cart.

The screen on the front of the coffee cart displayed images from the drama “Find Me If You Can,” in which Rocky and Park Bo Yeon co-starred, however Rocky did not explicitly state who the coffee cart was from.

Many internet users are currently perplexed as to why Park Bo Yeon’s side has not yet spoken up to address any misunderstandings after Rocky’s side officially confirmed the dating rumors based on the aforementioned interaction and responses between Rocky and Park Bo Yeon.

It’s ironic that the title of the drama they worked on together was “Find Me If You Can,” “She was so eager to drop obvious hints about them dating before, but then she suddenly denied the accusation,” “Can they keep work and private lives separate,” “Bo Yeon I love you???? Wow is he serious,” “Oh, no wonder all of the fans already knw,” and “Oh, no wonder she didn’t just admit it if she’s that into him.”

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