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“The Combination Is Amazing” BTS RM Collaborates With Pharrell Williams, Knetz React

BTS RM x Pharrell Williams collaboration (Rolling Stone)

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Hey, look at BTS’s class Coldplay, Pharrell Williams

2. Wow this is crazy

3. The combination is amazing

4. Hul, Kim Namjoon is really, really, really cool

5. I was surprised when the Rolling Stone cover came out I’m looking forward to the new song

6. Crazy, Kim Namjoon is crazy

7. Kim Namjoon is really the sexiest person in the world these days

8. This is real?

9. This is the best news I heard today

10. It’s great that my dream and Kim Namjoon’s dream come true at the same time like this


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