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The entry “Music Bank” took first place. Won-young Jang “I’m at a loss for words”

On KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank,” which aired on the afternoon of October 7th, IVE won the competition with their song “After LIKE.” As a result, just on “Music Bank,” IVE won the top spot four times.

Jang Won-young declared, “I didn’t anticipate to take home No. 1 today. I’m really grateful that you have supported “After LIKE” for such a long period. I will accept this award with great honor on behalf of the entire staff and membership. I appreciate it so much, “Music Bank.” In the future, kindly show us a lot of love.

This day was particularly significant since it commemorated a year since Jang Won-young took over as the MC of “Music Bank.” I’m so thrilled right now that I’m at a loss for words, said Jang Won-young. I’ve been away from “Music Bank” for a full year now. Please look after us; I’m looking forward to the days I’ll spend with Chae-min. I’m grateful.

Stray Kids have returned with a new love tune. Stray Kids’ title song for this album, “CASE 143,” is a love song. Fans are drawn in by the song’s music, which develops quickly on the synth line, and everyone gets a thrill from Stray Kids’ tremendous intensity.

This time, AB6IX made a great comeback. The catchy song “Sugarcoat” has cutesy lyrics that metaphorically depict sentiments of love by likening one’s beloved person to sweet sugar. The song combines the distinctive, catchy melody of reliable producer Lee Dae-hwi with R&B, hip-hop, and soul music led by ROBBIN.

Additionally, CocaNButter’s unique stage was unveiled. On Music Bank, CocaNButter played the album’s lead track, “Mi Deh Yah (Feat. Kunta),” as its title song. They immediately drew in onlookers with their coordinated dancing, which filled the stage. The Jamaican patwa “Mi Deh Yah,” which translates to “I’m OK,” demonstrates how CocaNButter only cares about having fun.

AB6IX, Adora, CRAVITY, DKZ, Kingdom, Lapillus, Mimirose, NMIXX, Road-B, Stray Kids, Limelight, Rolling Quartz, MIRAE, Suan (Purple Kiss), Seulgi, Xiumin, and CocaNButter were also welcomed to this week’s Music Bank.

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