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The Explanation Provided By AKMU’s Chanhyuk For Why He Shaved His Head During The “Panorama” Stage Of “Inkigayo”

AKMU’s Chanhyuk makes his solo debut with “Panorama” on the October 23 episode of Inkigayo, shocking the audience by shaving his hair live as he performed.

With a warm, retro beat and Chanhyuk’s own philosophical message of regret and desire for life, the song “Panorama” stands out as a standout dance track. Many people are curious about the hidden meaning of Chanhyuk’s appearance on this stage, which was featured on Inkigayo. He is seated in the center of the stage with a barber grown on, and someone appears to be shaving his head.

This action, according to reports, is connected to the plot of Chanhyuk’s entire album “ERROR,” in particular, the album’s opening track “Eyewitness Account,” which begins with an accident and the protagonist going into a coma as a result of that accident. They couldn’t speak for themselves; they could only hear other people. He suggests a rebirth of himself with his clean-shaven head in “Panorama,” which also contains the lyrics “I can’t die just like this.”