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The Face Of A Famous Couple’s Daughter Was First Revealed… Look Identical To Han Ga-In

A famous couple occasionally showed the faces of their offspring, which aroused curiosity.

They used to share photos of their daughter on their individual Instagram accounts, but they were very careful to cover her face in stickers or upload only images that showed how she looked from behind.

But they recently made an appearance on a reality show where they talked about their daughter’s daily life while drawing attention by showing her face.

It was revealed that former announcers Oh Sang-jin and Kim So-young, who broadcasted “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny” (Same Bed, Different Dreams 2), would join as new members starting the following week.

The two introduced their daughter, who turned 4 this year, in the preview video. Oh Sang-jin specifically demonstrated his limitless “daughter’s daddy” aspect by remarking, “I feel like she’ll fly out when the wind blows.”

In fact, Oh Sang-jin set an example of a loving father as soon as he awoke in the morning by holding his daughter in his arms, asking, “Did you sleep well?,” and kissing her good morning

The child was almost never absent from her father Oh Sang-arms. jin’s Reading fairy tales together or sharing meals together were two of the ways the two displayed their close bond.

Only for his daughter, Oh Sang-jin changed into a “human ride” after the meal and played nonstop. His daughter chuckled and relished her good fortune.

Because it is still a preview video, the daughter’s frontal figure did not appear as it should have, but she already grabbed attention by displaying her prominent nose.

The daughter of Oh Sang-jin and Kim So-young, who boasted clear features and only good genes, gave off the impression that she was looking back on Han Ga-early in’s years.

Meanwhile, during a sneak peek interview with the “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2” production team, Kim So-young revealed Oh Sang-bare jin’s face.

He’s known as ‘Mr. Perfect guy,’ but there are many things about him that you don’t know,’ Kim So-young said. In actuality, (my husband) wants to live the playboy lifestyle.

We didn’t know that our personalities were that different, said Kim So-young and Oh Sang-jin, who have been married for six years this year. This was revealed to us after we got married.

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