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The “famous” award ceremony gown with the breast cutout worn by Song Ji Hyo has received new attention.

When Song Ji Hyo first appeared in her gorgeous attire, she stunned the crowd.
Pictures of Song Ji Hyo wearing a dress that partially reveals her chest have recently gone viral on Korea’s most popular internet forums. In December 2017, Song Ji Hyo went to the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), which were hosted in Hong Kong.

Song Ji Hyo’s revealing outfit is still remembered as “famous” by Korean netizens years after the incident because of how obnoxious the breast cut-out is.

Song Ji Hyo came on the red carpet at the moment wearing a long dress that reached her ankles. It appeared to be a dress with a simple, lovely design, but there was a shocking “twist.”

The dress had transparent sections since it was made of a fine mesh. It was possible to see Song Ji Hyo’s shoulders, waist, and a portion of her chest. The bulky physique of the actress quickly attracted attention.

Internet users refer to Kim Hye Soo’s dress and Song Ji Hyo’s attire as “famous awards ceremony dresses.”

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