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“The First Gif Proved It” Knetz Debate Over The Gifs That Prove That Karina Didn’t Do Her Nose

Aespa‘s Karina has always been renowned for having a stunning side profile. During the early stages of her debut, it was one of the factors that solidified her appeal. The sight of her alone shocked the crowd.
Costs are associated with beauty. People held the celebrity in low regard and falsely accused her of having plastic surgery. Her perfect nose made them unable to believe it was natural. Many continued to be skeptical despite the abundance of pre-debut images similar to this. Netizens only started to soften after a fan asked her a question during a live stream. “Karina, if you see my comment, rub your nose,” an admirer had said. Karina took the request seriously despite the fact that the fan probably only intended a simple boop or sniffle to indicate that their statement had been seen. She started to rub her nose in all directions.

The fact that she would have been unable to perform surgery for fear of displacing a silicone tip or bridge became clear to internet users.
Karina had already already carried out a comparable action during a live feed back in the days before her debut. As a result of the lighter action, it flew under the radar. Those who had supported her from the beginning felt finally relieved.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I don’t know if Karina did her nose, but people who did their nose can do all that

2. Does she touch her nose carefully?

3. OP, you can do all that even if you did your nose

4. The Pann girls are so delusional, they think that if they had the same surgery, they would have turned into Karina. Guys, you can’t change your head size to become like hers

5. The first gif proved it. But her nose is fucking pretty

6. Whether she did her nose or not, do you guys really think that you can become Karina through nose surgery? I also can’t tell if she did her nose or not but even if she did her nose it doesn’t matter

7. There are a lot of past pictures of Karina out there and she been pretty from middle school, high school to her debut days up until now. The kids who keep saying that she got the surgery are evil and disgusting


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