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The first music video teaser for “We Fresh” from “TROUBLESHOOTER” features Kep1er getting ready for their comeback.

The first teaser for Kep1er’s debut music video, “We Fresh,” from their third mini-album, “TROUBLESHOOTER,” was made available.

The girls are almost prepared to return with a fresh mini-album. The girls debuted the first teaser for the “We Fresh” music video on October 11 at midnight KST. For this comeback, the girls flaunted their fresh appearance.

There will be five songs on the album in total: “We Fresh,” the lead single, “Lion Tamer,” “Downtown,” “Dreams,” and “The Girls (Can’t Turn Me Down”). On October 13 at 6 PM KST, Kep1er will release their third mini-album, Troubleshooter, on various music streaming services.

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