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The girl group with the highest Spotify streams overall is BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK, a popular female group, has made history once again!

BLACKPINK has now surpassed Little Mix to become the No. 1 most streamed girl group of all time on Spotify, according to the most recent update from the music streaming service. The group has amassed over 8.07 billion streams on the platform across all of its credits.

Six years after BLACKPINK’s 2016 debut, BLACPINK has quickly surpassed Little Mix to become the female group with the most streams accumulated in the history of the platform, with a total of 31 songs published throughout the group’s existence.

Meanwhile. The duo just made their long-awaited comeback with the release of their sophomore album, “Born Pink,” which includes the single “Shut Down” as the album’s title track. As of October 7, the album had received over 470 million cumulative streams.

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