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The Itaewon Tragedy, According To Actor Yoon Hong Bin, May Have Been Avoided

Yoon Hong Bin, an actor, talked about seeing the Itaewon disaster firsthand.

Yoon Hong Bin spoke about his time at the terrible scene on October 30. He shared them in his post: “While others shouted encouragement to push, others were shouting caution not to push. Only the main street had police presence, while at the back, on the foreign cuisine street, people were crammed together without any sense of order. As I stepped outside to smoke, I noticed someone being hurried to an ambulance. Since there were so many more people being carried, the officers had to administer CPR outside because they couldn’t fit everyone on an ambulance.”


He went on, “While giving CPR, I could hear families pleading with their loved ones to open their eyes, but just one person was revived on that street. I was unable to bring the individual I was assisting, either. This catastrophe was absolutely avoidable and had warning indications. Despite how hard the police are working, it’s unfortunate that they weren’t stationed in the middle to direct traffic to one side.”

I hope everyone can cooperate to ensure that this does not happen again, concentrating on how this happened, he underlined.

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