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The justification for Dreamcatcher’s self-description as the “elevator idol”

The expansion of Dreamcatcher explains why they are referred to as “elevator idols”.
On the afternoon of October 11, Dreamcatcher had a media presentation at Konkuk University’s Grand Hall of the New Millennium in Seoul to mark the debut of their seventh mini album, “Apocalypse: Follow us” (KST).

On this day, JiU said, “The rock genre may not have initially been well-liked, but I believe that we have pushed a lot of rock music and our songs have also come to be well-liked by the general people.”

JiU selected “elevator idol” when asked to introduce a word that best describes Dreamcatcher. “We seem to be a group that grows step by step,” JiU continued.

Siyeon stated, “We won first place with Maison, so it would be good if we win first place again this time, but I don’t believe we’ll be unhappy if we don’t,” when asked about the album’s objective.

The October 11th release of “Apocalypse: Follow us” by Dreamcatcher is scheduled for 6 p.m. KST.

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