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The Law Café At An Event, Lee Seung-gi Sneaks Lee Se-young A kiss On The Cheek.

The fresh still cuts from “The Law Cafe” that showed Lee Seung-gi and Lee Se-young sharing a sweet moment caught people’s attention.
The Law Cafe, a drama on KBS 2TV that airs Monday through Tuesday, depicts the story of a legal romance between former prosecutor Kim Jung-ho and three-dimensional attorney Kim Yu-ri. The show has maintained its incredible feat of dominating the Monday-Tuesday drama ratings charts for 12 straight weeks.

Above all else, the lawyer duo Kim Jung-ho (Lee Seung-gi) & Kim Yu-ri (Lee Se-young) of “Law Cafe” are piqueing the interest of the viewers with their excellent teamwork as well as the melodramatic sense that is deepening with the two actors’ acting performances.

Particularly, Lee Pyun-woong (Jo Han-cheol), who announced a ceasefire after being soundly defeated at the Dohan Group shareholders’ meeting but then abruptly reappeared in front of Kim Jung-ho and Kim Yu-ri and erupted in wrath, piqued the interest of viewers in the drama’s developments.

Lee Seung-gi and Lee Se-production young’s company just revealed still versions of them. Kim Jung-ho and Kim Yu-ri, who are both dressed in all-black suits, are seen arriving at an event location in the pictures. The two, who are dressed alike, command attention at the occasion with their arresting displays.In a photograph, Kim Jung-ho can be seen trying indiscreetly to kiss Kim Yu-ri on the cheek. The two’s sweet but humorous appearances make spectators’ hearts melt. However, in a different image, they display a change in emotion and icy expressions in response to someone’s appearance. The individual who becomes the mood breaker and the background of this intense scene are two things that fans are eager to learn during the main show.

On October 17th at 9:50 p.m., episode 13 of “The Law Cafe” will premiere.

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