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“The Live Is Crazy” Knetz React To Taeyang And BTS Jimin’s Live Clips ‘VIBE’

Knetizens are praising Taeyang and BTS Jimin’s voice after hearing Live Clips ‘VIBE’

Knetizens Reactions:

1. The live is crazy, it’s awesome I hope the two of you release one more song, they go so well together

2. Jimmy Naa. You’re good at doing things well, how cute are you

3. It’s so good, it’s great, they both sing well, but their voices are so good, and their facial expressions when they sing are all so cool.

4. Wow~~~ The live is crazy. It feels better than the sound source. Also, T&L suits you so well~ You can clearly see that Taeyang and Jimin respect him.

5. It’s crazy Taeyang’s voice isn’t it crazy Jimin’s voice is also good I like live better

6. The live is good. Both voices catch my ears.

7. The live is so good, the tone is crazy, both

8. It’s so good. Both voices are really unique. You’re so good at it

9. Wow, I’m happy, both of them are voice kings

10. I like it so much my ears are happy


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