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The Manager Of IVE Became Violent In Front Of The Girl Group

A recent event in the K-Pop industry alarmed fans and netizens around the world when the manager in charge of the famous female group IVE engaged in a physical altercation that turned violent in front of the artists with members of the media and paparazzi.

The girls were involved in a violent altercation with their manager upon their arrival at the Taiwan airport for their ‘The Prom Queens’ concert. The sextet has achieved a great deal of success and as a result, they have begun a series of concert tours in several Asian countries.
On June 23rd, the renowned Taiwanese media Star ET Today published a video showing the scene of the controversial arrival of the girls, and how different media were waiting for them and taking pictures of them, then you can see the manager pushing the media staff out of the place, until a paparazzi became angry and shouted:
Don’t touch me“.

At this point, the manager began to yell violently at the paparazzi, insisting that the girls must leave and that they should get out of the way so that the girls In the meantime, another member of the idols’ staff noticed the major scandal and apologized to all the media present in an effort to diffuse the situation.

Many of the supporters were most concerned about the fact that the violent event occurred in front of the IVE member, who were alarmed and horrified by the unfolding events.

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