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The Members Of LE SSERAFIM Froze When Asked A Question About Former Member Kim Ga-ram During Their Comeback Performance.

LE SSERAFIM, a girl group, shown assurance in their latest record.
On October 17, at 1 p.m., a media showcase was conducted at the Centennial Memorial Hall of Yonsei University’s Sinchon Campus in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul to mark the release of LE SSRAFIM’s second mini album, “ANTIFRAGILE.”

The message of “ANTIFRAGILE” is that by overcoming obstacles, you will get stronger. Due to the fact that it is the group’s first musical endeavor following its reformation as a five-member unit following Kim Ga-withdrawal ram’s due to the school bullying scandal, this album in particular has drawn significant interest even before its official release.

LE SSERAFIM was questioned about how they were feeling following the group’s reformation during the showcase. The members attempted to respond but were unable to do so without hesitation.

After a brief period of quiet, group leader Kim Chae-won spoke on the group’s behalf. We put the same amount of effort into getting ready for both the first album and this second mini-album, she stated. “We believed that the most important thing was to offer good performances to people who love us and have waited for us,” they continued, “We wanted to make a comeback with a stronger look. We put in more time practicing and recording tunes.

The second mini-album by LE SSERAFIM, titled “ANTIFRAGILE,” has five songs, including “The Hydra” (a declaration that the girls will never fall), “ANTIFRAGILE” (expressing the firm will of using trials as a way to grow), “Impurities” (revealing the part of oneself with scars and darkness), “No Celestial” (to say that they are not angels or goddesses from the sky but those who accompany you with every step on (a song about the humble and lacking side of oneself).

On October 17th, at 6 p.m., the album will be made available on numerous online music sites.

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